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History of Christianity in 100 Objects - Dr Janina Ramirez - SOLD OUT

Starting on October 02, 7:30 pm

Christianity has never been a fixed entity. It has shifted and changed over millennia, adjusting in response to cultural, political, theological, philosophical and historical developments. 

From its roots as a minor cult in the first century AD, to its zenith in the immeasurably powerful Popes of the fifteenth-century, through its present day popularity across vast swathes of the world, it is a religion that is difficult to understand in its shifting guises. But art tells a clearer story. 

Join cultural historian, broadcaster and author, Dr Janina Ramirez, as she guides us through the History of Christianity using those silent witnesses of the past: the objects and artworks that were at the heart of two thousand years of flux and change. From the lost church at Dura Europos, through the catacomb art of the Vatican, to twentieth-century responses to Christianity from Dali, Spenser and Kandinsky, this will be a journey across time, space and ideas.


Book Tickets: £10.00  SOLD OUT

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