No Modernism without Lesbians

The extraordinary story of how a singular group of women, in a pivotal time and place – Paris, between the wars – fostered the birth of the Modernist movement.

Sylvia Beach, Bryher, Natalie Barney and Gertrude Stein.

A trailblazing publisher, a patron of artists, a society hostess, a ground-breaking writer. They all lived as they chose, wrote what they wanted, and were open about desire and true to themselves. They rejected the patriarchy and made lives of their own, forming a community around them in Paris.

Their contribution shines like a beacon for today’s women of courage to seize the agenda and escape the rules of patriarchy.

Join acclaimed author and playwright, Diana Souhami, as she presents her new book No Modernism without Lesbians.


Diana Souhami Book Cover


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