Warwick Poet Laureate 2011–2012

We are delighted that Dinah Smith has been crowned this year's Warwick Poet Laureate.

Every year, a Warwickshire poet is crowned with the laurels and appointed to the post of Poet Laureate.

The Poet Laureate for 2010/2011 was Olga Dermott-Bond. Previous laureates have been Marg Roberts, Catherine Whittaker, Jane Holland, Helen Yendall, Brenda Tai Layton and Fergus Durrant.

The position of Warwick Poet Laureate is an honorary one, for which there is no payment. Candidates must be capable of writing good poetry and willing and able to perform their own work. The Laureate must be willing to get involved in key events and activities throughout the year. The Laureate will be commissioned to write poems about Warwickshire throughout the year.