Henry VIII: The Heart and the Crown

Monday 2 October  CANCELLED
Castle Hill Baptist Church

We are so very sorry to inform you that, due to unforeseen personal circumstances, Alison has had to cancel this event.

Alison offers her deepest apologies to those of you who would have been attending.

The History Festival extends its very best wishes to Alison and her family.

If you have bought tickets for this event the Box Office will be in touch with you shortly to offer you a full refund.
Please be patient as it is a very busy time for us.

Thank you for your understanding.

In grand royal palaces, Prince Harry grows up dreaming of knights and chivalry – and the golden age of kings that awaits his older brother. But Arthur’s untimely death sees Harry crowned King Henry of England.

As his power and influence extends, so commences a lifelong battle between head and heart, love and duty. Henry rules by divine right, yet his prayers for a son go unanswered.

The future of his great dynasty depends on an heir and the crown weighs heavy on a king with all but his one true desire.

Tickets £15.00  CANCELLED
includes tea and cake


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