Woman’s Lore: 4,000 Years of Sirens, Serpents and Succubi

Monday 2 October
Castle Hill Baptist Church

Creatures such as Lilith, the seductive first wife of Adam, and mermaids, who lured sailors to their death, are familiar figures in the genre of monstrous temptresses who use their charms to entice men to their doom.

The roots of these demons lie millennia ago: horrific creatures who strangled infants and murdered pregnant women. Far from enticing men into danger and destruction, these monsters were, in fact, part of women’s ritual practices surrounding childbirth and pregnancy. So how did their mythology evolve into one focused on the demonic seduction of men?

Sarah Clegg takes us on an absorbing and witty journey from ancient Mesopotamia to the present day, offering new insights into attitudes towards womanhood, sexuality and women’s rights.

Tickets £12.00
includes refreshments


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