Robert Dudley’s Warwickshire

Thursday 5 October
St Mary’s Church

One of St. Mary’s biggest attractions is the tomb in the Beauchamp Chapel of Elizabeth I’s favourite, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. But few of the Church’s visitors pause to consider why Robert Dudley wanted to be buried in Warwick in the first place.

Tim Clark, the Church Historian of St. Mary’s and author of Faire and Goodly Built: An Incomplete History of St. Mary’s Warwick, looks at how Robert Dudley’s burial in St Mary’s came about. This fascinating story considers Robert Dudley’s life and his relationship with Warwickshire and, especially, the town of Warwick. That story goes back over three hundred years before the 16th century, into the realm of legend. Tim will reveal new insights into Robert Dudley’s character and aspirations, rarely considered by his biographers.

Tickets £8.00
includes refreshments


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