Kings and Queens: 1200 Years of English and British Monarchs

Friday 6 October
Castle Hill Baptist Church

The British monarchy is one of the oldest in the world – dating back so far that its very origins are the subject of debate: was William the Conqueror the first king of England, or Alfred the Great?

In a series that began with The Prime Ministers and The Presidents, award-winning broadcaster and presenter Iain Dale has now compiled and edited Kings and Queens, which charts the long history of the British monarchy and features 64 essays by journalists, historians and politicians on every individual to have sat on the throne – as well as some who didn’t.

From Alfred the Great to Charles III, each essay examines the monarch, their role, what they tell us about British history and why the British monarchy has endured – unlike so many others. Kings and Queens provides valuable insight into British history and how Britain is ruled today.

Tickets £12.00