The Trials of The Black Dwarf: Radical Jonathan Wooler

Saturday 25 November
Friends Meeting House

Jonathan Wooler was a radical journalist and activist who was tried and imprisoned in Warwick in the early 19th century. Between 1817 and 1824, he wrote a fantastic satirical weekly periodical, Black Dwarf. As well as attacks on the contemporary establishment, the publication included articles and poems in support of reform.

Wooler was arrested and charged with sedition on several occasions. He was tried in London in 1817 and again in Warwick in 1821. He spent eighteen months in Warwick gaol for his role in agitating for the enfranchisement of Birmingham – deemed to be seditious when he and others ‘elected’ a member who didn’t have an official seat.

This dramatised reading is devised and directed by David Fletcher and presented by the Loft Theatre Company, Leamington Spa.

Tickets £8.00
includes refreshments



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