Chris Pitt 300 Years of Warwick Racecourse

Starting on October 01, 2019 4:30 pm

More than 300 years have passed since Lord Brooke, residing in Warwick Castle, donated £15 ‘towards making a horse race’ to be run at Warwick on 16 September 1707. 

Those three centuries have seen many great horses gallop over its greensward, partnered by the finest of jockeys. Warwick’s racecourse has also been the venue for a plethora of non-racing activities, from bare-knuckle boxing contests to military parades. The racecourse has endured its share of scandal and has been on the receiving end of much criticism.It has suffered financial crises and disputes which threatened its very existence. Yet it has survived and emerged stronger than ever.

Chris Pitt’s recently published book, Chandler’s Leap and Other Stories from Warwick Racecourse, recalls the human and equine celebrities and tells of the unusual, unique and colourful events that have taken place here.

Dukes Bar, Warwick Racecourse

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