Peter Stanford Angels: A Visible and Invisible History

Starting on October 04, 2019 7:30 pm

In a 2016 poll, one in 10 Britons claimed to have experienced the presence of an angel, while one in three is convinced they have a guardian angel. These are huge numbers and mean that, on some counts, angels are doing better than God.

In the secular, sceptical, post-Christian world of the West, continuing faith in angels is both anomaly and comfort. What are angels? Are they something real, a manifestation of divine concern? Or part of the poetry of religion? Can angels illuminate a deeper truth about human existence and the cosmos? 

These are not new questions: they have been asked over millennia, as writer, journalist and broadcaster Peter Stanford explores in Angels, his latest investigation into the history, theology and cultural significance of religious ideas.

There is no better navigator through the space in which art, culture and spirituality meet than Peter Stanford  Cole Moreton,
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