Adam Rutherford The Book of Humans

Starting on October 03, 2019 7:30 pm

A Brief History of Culture, Sex, War and the Evolution of Us.

In this myth-busting tour of life on Earth, acclaimed science writer and broadcaster, Adam Rutherford, explores how many of the things once considered to be exclusively human are not: we are not the only species that communicates, that makes tools, that utilises fire, or that has sex for pleasure. 

But does that mean we are not unique?

In this thrilling tour of the animal kingdom, Adam tells the story of how we became the creatures we are today, endowed with the ability to investigate what makes us who we are. Illuminated by the latest scientific discoveries, The Book of Humans is a dazzling compendium of what unequivocally fixes us as animals, and yet reveals how we are extraordinary among them.

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