Adrian Tinniswood Behind The Throne: A Domestic History of the Royal Household

Starting on October 03, 2019 4:30 pm

Royal families: but they still have to get up in the morning, eat their meals, entertain their friends and worry about money. 

The great difference is that royal families have more help with their lives than most. Charles I maintained a household of 2,000 people. Victoria’s medical establishment consisted of thirty doctors, three dentists and a chiropodist. Even in today’s more democratic climate, Elizabeth II keeps a full-time staff of 1,200. A royal household is a community, a vast machine. Everyone is there to smooth the sovereign’s path through life – while simultaneously confirming his or her status.

Join acclaimed architectural and social historian, Adrian Tinniswood, as he takes us on a journey behind the scenes, an exploration of life behind the throne. 

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