Lauren Johnson Shadow King: The Life and Death of Henry VI - SOLD OUT!

Starting on October 03, 2019 2:00 pm

First-born son of a warrior king who had defeated the French at Agincourt, Henry VI of the House of Lancaster inherited the crowns of England and of France, with Plantagenet dominance over the Valois dynasty at its glorious height. 

Yet, by the time Henry was done to death in the Tower of London in 1471, France was lost, his throne had been seized by his Yorkist rival, Edward IV, and his kingdom had descended into the violent chaos of the Wars of the Roses. 

Henry VI is perhaps the most troubled of English monarchs, a pious, gentle, well-intentioned man who was plagued by bouts of mental illness. In Shadow King, historian Lauren Johnson tells his remarkable and sometimes shocking story in a fast-paced and colourful narrative, that captures both the poignancy of Henry’s life and the tumultuous and bloody nature of the times in which he lived.


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