Rachel Trethewey Before Wallis: Edward VIII’s Other Women

Starting on September 30, 2019 2:00 pm
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Wallis Simpson was the woman who stole the king’s heart and rocked the monarchy – but she was not Edward VIII’s first or only love. 

Rachel Trethewey’s latest book is about the three women Edward adored before Wallis came to dominate his life. The girl he wanted to marry, who would have made the perfect match for a future king. His long-term mistress, who knew the rules of the game and that she would never marry him. His twice-married American lover, who enjoyed a domestic life with Edward, but realised it could not last forever. In each love affair, Edward behaved like a little boy lost, a spoilt child.

Any one of these three women could have changed the course of history. In examining their lives and impact on the heir to the throne, Rachel questions whether Edward ever really wanted to be king.

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