Katharine Parr: The Sixth Wife

Friday 1 October
The Court House Ballroom, Jury Street

Two husbands dead; and now Katharine is in love for the first time in her life.

But the eye of an ageing and dangerous king falls upon her. She cannot refuse him. She must stifle her feelings and never betray that she wanted another.

And now she is the sixth wife. Her queenship is a holy mission yet, fearfully, she recalls the tragic parade of women who went before her. She cherishes the secret beliefs that could send her to the stake. Her enemies are closing in. She must fight for her very life.

Katharine is a warm and kindly heroine – and yet she will be betrayed by the man she loves most. Too late, the truth will dawn on her.
Katharine Parr – the last of Henry VIII’s queens.

Join Alison Weir as she recounts the extraordinary story of a woman forced into a perilous situation and rising heroically to the challenge.

Tickets £12.00
includes refreshments

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