Operation Pedestal: The Fleet that Battled to Malta 1942

Max Hastings BK CoverMonday 4 October
Bridge House Theatre, Warwick School

We are delighted that Max Hastings joins us to talk about his latest book, Operation Pedestal: The Fleet that Battled to Malta 1942.

Operation Pedestal was a crucial relief mission that became an epic, bloody naval battle and a pivotal moment in World War II. In 1942, the Luftwaffe had a stranglehold on Malta. British attempts to bring in supplies and reinforcements were failing, with heavy losses. The people of Malta were close to starvation as the Axis attempted to force their surrender. 

Over the course of a few fierce days, Britain scraped a victory and ensured Malta’s survival – though at the loss of a horrifying number of ships and lives. 

Max will share his thrilling narrative of this little-known but crucial naval battle, and the intense action which perfectly illustrated the spirit and power of the Royal Navy – surely the fiercest and most iconic fighting force of the war.

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