Enlightenment Shadows: Supernatural Stories from the Age of Reason

Saturday 6 November
Friends Meeting House

Why do tales of ghosts, witches and fairies have such an enduring grasp on the human imagination? 

In the eighteenth century, Enlightenment scholars re-imagined the workings of the universe, and rejected many popular beliefs as vulgar superstitions. But accounts of the supernatural persisted, with people from across the social spectrum reporting meetings with otherworldly beings. 

This event will explore a selection of weird and wonderful stories and consider how they reflect on human nature, past and present. We will look at tales of shape-shifting witches and discover the sinister realm of fairyland; we will encounter a blacksmith with a terrible secret; a warrior with a mournful duty … and a very small horse. 

Each story will be performed through the medium of shadow puppetry and will be followed by expert commentary from Dr Martha McGill, historian of supernatural beliefs at the University of Warwick.

Tickets £8.00
includes refreshments

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