Bubble Fever

Saturday 20 November
The Court House Ballroom, Jury Street

Bubble Fever 800

A rehearsed reading of a new play about the First Great Stock Market Crash – the ‘South Sea Bubble’ – in 1720, written by David Fletcher and performed by actors from the Loft Theatre Company.

This short play, Bubble Fever, marking the 300th anniversary of the South Sea Bubble, is based around the writings of Daniel Defoe, including pamphlets and extracts from the journals Defoe edited. 

Defoe also wrote much about the plague at this time, and the resonances between health and economic crises are frighteningly relevant in our modern world. This is also reflected in the title of the play, as Defoe saw the nation overcome by ‘South Sea Vomits and other Bubble Physick’.

The play's themes will be introduced by Professor Mark Knights from Warwick University's History Department.

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includes refreshments

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