The Indian Contingent: The Forgotten Muslim Soldiers of Dunkirk

Thursday 7 October
Lord Leycester Hospital

On 28 May 1940, Major Akbar Khan marched at the head of 299 soldiers along a beach in northern France. They were the only Indians in the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. In the chaos on the beach, these soldiers of the British Indian Army, carrying their disabled imam, found their way to the East Mole and embarked for England in the dead of night. 

What journey had brought these men to Europe? What became of them – and of their comrades captured by the Germans? 

Join Ghee Bowman as he reveals in full, for the first time, the astonishing story of the Indian Contingent, from their arrival in France on 26 December 1939 to their return to an India on the verge of partition. 

This is one of the hidden stories of the World War II, casting fresh light on Britain and its empire.

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