The White Ship

Tuesday 4 October
Alderson House, 23 High Street
7.30pm - SOLD OUT!

Charles Spencer returns to Warwick with his latest book, The White Ship.

In 1120, King Henry I's White Ship was wrecked off the coast of Normandy. There was just one survivor, everyone else on board drowned, including, disastrously, Henry's son and heir, William Ӕtheling. The lack of an obvious heir to Henry’s throne led to two decades of violent bloodshed, as civil war erupted over the royal succession.

The White Ship is a gripping account of one of the greatest maritime disasters in English history, more influential to our country than the loss of the Titanic. Charles Spencer tells the real story behind the legend and shows how one incredible shipwreck changed the course of England’s history forever.

Tickets £12.00  SOLD OUT!


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