Devised and directed by David Fletcher

In 1820, following the death of George III, Caroline of Brunswick, the estranged wife of the Prince Regent – now King George IV – returned to Britain from her continental exile, despite attempts to bribe her to stay away. The new king pressured the government to bring her to trial on a Bill of Pains and Penalties, in an attempt to deny her the status of Queen Consort. She became a cause célèbre for popular radicalism, especially in London, fuelling opposition to the much-derided George IV. This performance aims to situate the events and to convey some of the evidence informing the drama that unfolded in the House of Lords, as the government of the day sought to follow the king’s instructions to them.

The play was produced by the Loft Theatre in collaboration with the University of Warwick History Department. The director wishes to thank Professor Mark Philp for his inspiration and advice throughout the project. The play was first performed at the Warwick Words History Festival in November 2019, with costumes by Helen Brady and with Glynis Fletcher in the non-speaking role of Queen Caroline.

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