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Tracy Borman The Devil’s Slave

Starting on October 01, 2019 2:00 pm
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Frances Gorges has survived the accusation of witchcraft. 

Yet, if the court of King James knew of her love for Tom Wintour, one of the executed members of the Gunpowder Plot, it would mean certain death. Pregnant with Tom’s child, Frances lives in fear and in hiding – until she is offered the chance to make a respectable marriage and return to court. She will not be expected to sleep with her husband: and the only price she must pay is to give up the cause for which her lover died … but old loyalties are hard to deny, and soon Frances is drawn back into the snake-pit scheming of the factions trying to take the throne. 

Compelling, sensual, suspenseful, The Devil’s Slave is a standalone sequel to Tracy Borman’s acclaimed novel The King’s Witch and further evidence that Tracy – one of our finest historians – is also a brilliant novelist.  

Book Tickets: £12.00

includes tea and cake

Festival Box Office 01926 33 44 18