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Anne Langley Early Allotments in Warwickshire

Starting on October 01, 2019 10:30 am

Warwickshire was at the forefront of allotment provision in the 19th century. This illustrated talk, by local historian, Anne Langley, provides a unique insight into the life of labourers and trades people, allotments of all kinds and town gardens like Hill Close in Warwick. 

Anne contributed two chapters about allotments in Warwickshire to Breaking New Ground, a book examining the development and importance of allotments, which were not just a means of alleviating poverty, but became a major institution of Victorian village life.

Anne has written books and articles about a wide variety of historical topics; she volunteers at the Warwickshire County Record Office and contributes to the website www.ourwarwickshire.org.uk. 


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Book Tickets: £7.00

includes refreshments

Festival Box Office 01926 33 44 18